Map of NC

Map of NC

July 27, 2017

NC's Shifting Islands

The North Carolina Outer Banks has a new island!  The newly formed "Shelly Island" is located only a few hundred feet away from Hatteras Island.   NASA satellites have even captured images of the growing island from space!  However, the island is not easily accessible in low tide.  In fact, so many rescues have been made for people trying to access this new island on foot that warnings have been issued.   If you want to visit this island, please use a boat.

Hurricanes and fierce storms cause changes frequently.  The islands are always shifting and moving.  If curious as to reasons why, then please consider "The North Carolina Shore and Its Barrier Islands" by Orrin H. Pilkey, an author, scientist, and professor at Duke University.  NC Highway 12, which connects the islands that constitute the Outer Banks, has also been affected by this changing region.  The history behind this scenic highway can be found in the aptly titled "NC 12: Gateway to the Outer Banks", by Dawson Carr, a retired educator.

Interested in learning more?  Then please check out these titles and more to learn all about NC's Outer Banks.  Happy reading (and sightseeing)!


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