Map of NC

Map of NC

October 31, 2018

Haunted North Carolina

Happy Halloween to our NC Literary Map followers!

Regardless of how you spend your Halloween, ghost stories are always an excellent way to get into the Halloween spirit. North Carolina is home to dozens of ghost stories, and one of the most persistent tales is the story of Lydia, the Phantom Hitchhiker. According to local tales, she haunted the stretch of road along the US 70-A south of Jamestown. Legend tells that she would ask for a ride home, and if accepted, would disappear upon reaching her destination.

For years this story has been passed around, and now authors Michael Renegar and Amy Greer explore the truth behind the tale. Uncover the story that lurks behind the legend with Looking for Lydia: The Thirty-Year Search for the Jamestown Hitchhiker today, and discover more ghost stories set in North Carolina at the North Carolina Literary Map.