Map of NC

Map of NC

April 14, 2016

National Library Week 2016

This week, April 10-16, is National Library Week!  This annual event is sponsored by the American Library Association and observed by libraries across the United States.  The entire month of April is also known as National Poetry Month, started by the Academy of American Poets.

In honor of these two events, I would like to share a quote by former UNCG professor and US Poet Laureate Randall Jarrell from a talk given to the American Library Association many years ago.

"I rarely feel happier than when I am in a library - very rarely feel more soothed and calm and secure.  And there in the soft gloom of the stacks, a book among books, almost, I feel very much in my element - a fish come back to sea; a baby come back to the womb.

I like libraries so much I feel depressed that my cat can't check out books, too."

Happy Library Week and National Poetry Month!

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  1. It was great to read about this national library week. Thanks a lot for this informative post. I am a book lover and try to attend book fests at local event space NYC but have never attended any library event. Hoping to be a part of one soon!